Our clients benefit from the rich network of contacts that we have built over the years. With expert market knowledge, we know what makes a successful match.

Our highly talented team specializes in advising on and recruiting for positions at different salary levels for either permanent or contract positions. This means we can provide you with informed and objective advice in your specific niche.

Bruce R. Duncan & Associates takes an integrated, collaborative approach to every project. Information is shared across our practice groups, and we work together where appropriate on client accounts to our clients’ benefit.

Our people adhere closely to our company's values of teamwork, respect, integrity, passion and excellence.
We work closely as a team to help you and focus on developing long-term partnerships.

Our seasoned team of professionals deliver desired results on all your professional recruitment needs.

Team Bios

Joan Perry, President

Joan Perry, President, has more than 30 years experience working in search and still maintains a recruitment desk. She has worked with all types of industries at every level. Joan believes in “digging deep” to find the best possible fit for both the candidate and the client. Building lasting relationships is a passion, and she will do everything to make it happen.

Jamie Wynne, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Jamie Wynne, Senior Recruitment Consultant, maintains a long-term practice that includes finance and accounting, sales and marketing, communications/media relations, professional development and accreditation, human resources and the not-for-profit sector. Jamie is committed to creating a well-suited fit amongst client and candidate that will engender similar values, work ethic and career satisfaction, resulting in a win-win success story.

Raef Daoud, Senior Recruiter

Raef Daoud, Senior Recruiter, has more than 20 years experience in the medical and health care field. He is intuitive and tenacious, and will do everything in his power to find the right candidate for his clients. He is fluent in English and French.

Genevieve Habel, Senior Consultant

Genevieve Habel, Senior Consultant has more than 20 years experience recruiting for all staff levels within the financial institution and corporate communities. She is a consummate professional and a whiz at zeroing in on our clients’ needs and then filling the niche with candidates whose skills, personalities and potential provide immediate and long term value.

Monica Tambasco, Senior IT Consultant

Monica Tambasco, Senior IT Consultant, has more than 10 years of IT sales experience, including start-ups and many years at both Oracle and TELUS. Her IT consulting expertise includes application development, IT Security and Risk and Contact Centre, across all levels. She is a graduate of Queen’s University.

John Thorpe

John Thorpe is a highly experienced accounting professional that has participated in a wide range of business areas. He relishes the most difficult searches and ensures your staffing needs are met with alacrity by the highest quality candidates. John specializes in motivating talented professionals buried in excellence to explore new opportunities.